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Dynatron Crossflow Blower

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Manufacturer: Dynatron
Product Name: Crossflow Blower
Reviewer: Tony

Thanks to
For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Click on pictures for larger size.


Pic-1: Front of the box, not the most attractive colors but it does the job.

Pic-2: Side with features of the fan:?

  • Designed for the 1U/2U Servers Raid Storage (19" Cabinet), and for home appliance industries

  • Angle of 180 degrees for better air intake and outlet ventilation

  • Low noise with large air volume

  • Low electricity consumption

  • Fast and easy to install

Pic-3: Other side of box with specifications:

  • Dimension: 48 x 136 x 40.5mm

  • Weight: 191gm

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Current: 0.2A

  • Speed: 7400 RPM

  • Airflow 11.12 CFM

  • Noise: 38 dBA

  • Static Pressure: 1.84mm-aq

Pic-4:? The contents of the box, crossflow blower with a pass through molex connector, this isn't your normal case fan. Missing is mounting hardware and instructions, these would've been helpful.

?? ?????

Pic-5: View of top and back of the crossflow blower.

Pic-6: From the back of the blower you can see the 20 curved aluminum fan blades.? Each blade is 6mm wide and 9 cm long.

Pic-7:?The air comes out of the lower front of the blower.?

Pic-8: Here I placed the blower in the bottom front of the case, behind the front intake fan.? This is the position the fan will be in for testing.

Pic-9: Another idea I had for the blower, I put it in a 5.25" slot, it almost fit perfectly, just a little too short.

Click on picture to play movie

?Movie-1: This shows the crossflow blower in action.? As you can see in the movie, there is dead spots on each end of the fan, not moving very much air.

Configuration used for testing:

  • MSI MS-6337 LE5

  • Pentium III 1 Ghz

  • 256mb PC133

  • Geforce 2 MX-400

  • Gigafast 10/100 NIC

  • LG 52x CD-ROM

  • Lite-On 40x12x48x CD-RW

  • Maxtor 30 GB HDD

  • HEC-350LD PSU

  • 92mm front intake

  • 80mm top blowhole

  • 80mm PCI slot fan exhaust

  • 2x 80mm PSU exhaust

  • Stock Intel HSF

  • Windows 98se


Ambient case temp



Without crossflow blower



With crossflow blower



?Tests conducted with ambient room temperature of 20.8c.? I used Sandra 2002 Standard burn in wizard for load testing.? I let the system run for 30 minutes each time before taking a temperature reading.

This fan is different from others that you normally see, but it is designed for 1U/2U servers.? The fan is a bit noisy, but it can keep the air flowing inside your case.? The wide area the fan covers is good for general cooling.? One thing I was disappointed about is the lack of instructions or mounting hardware, other than that this is a very nice fan that would be a good addition to any case.

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