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CrystalFontz CFA634-TMC-KS LCD

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Installation of the unit was fairly confusing at first since I was used to just plugging in the LCD and having it light (like the previously reviewed Matrix Orbital). BEWARE that this product does not just light up ? in order for it to do ANYTHING, you MUST first install the software. With this said, let?s get on with installation.

Seeing as there was no power connection from the LCD, and Ev-Web provided us with a power cable and set of highlighted instructions, I figured that I would start off by soldering. Above, you can see a snapshot of the highlighted instructions which were provided and a close-up of the backside leads which were to be soldered. On the PCB you can also see that each of the leads is labeled. I simply took out my soldering iron and soldered the BLACK-stripped wire coming from the included power cable to the ?ground? lead and the RED-stripped wire to the ?+5(LED)? lead. In the picture above, the colored dots should help clear up any confusion as to where the leads are.

You can see the black and red cables, mentioned above, here. Also ? you are able to see the strange blue wires coming off the molex as ground.

Also on the backside of this LCD, you will notice the serial connector. Simply take one end of your female-female cable and plug it directly into this. Then proceed to plugging the other end into the serial port located on the rear of your computer. If you do not have any more serial ports open, CrystalFontz also offers Serial to USB cables which will convert the connection type to USB, should you have an open USB port instead.

Here?s a couple more quick snaps of the front and back of the unit. You can see the nice slick black frame around the blue tinted display area. This unit is huge standing 2.75? tall and 5.5? wide. A couple of ideas for placement on this unit would be mounting it behind a window using the screw holes found in each corner of the PCB or even making a project box which sits on your desk and displays system information.

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