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6 Fan Controller Roundup (Second Half)

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PHEW! That was quite the long roundup, but stick with me folks, we are to the most exciting part where I get the chance to give awards according to several chosen categories.

BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: The ?Best Bang For the Buck? award would have the be a TIE between Vantec?s Four Fan Rheobus and FrozenCPU?s 3.5? baybus. Both controllers were able to withstand the demands of the 92mm Vantec Tornado?s without skipping a beat, and are definitely the least expensive controllers in this roundup. If you are looking for a 5.25? controller to fill one of those spaces next to a Cd-Rom, I would highly recommend Vantec?s Four Fan Rheobus. However, If you are looking for a more convenient, more compact look and wish to fill one of those useless floppy faceplate?s, head on over to and check those out as well!

BEST PERFORMER: Competition throughout this roundup was VERY close. I would have to say that Vantec?s Four Fan Rheobus stole the show on this award. I do realize that Sunbeam?s 5.25? Rheobus had much lo>
MOST CONVENIENT: If there?s one controller throughout this review that showed a very convenient approach through installation, looks and placement, it had to be FrozenCPU?s 3.5? baybus. Not only does this baybus offer a WIDE variety of possibilities, it comes with the easy to use pre-drilled template which will allow the user to install it into ANY faceplate they wish! If you don?t feel like installing it into a faceplate?perhaps a monitor like Afturmath; NO WORRIES ? throw that template wherever you want and start drilling away! Second place was a tie between Sunbeam and Noise Isolator?s 6port baybus which are possible to install into a faceplate of your choice, but would further require you to first uninstall from their original faceplate and are much bulkier than a small 3.5? baybus!

Overall BEST: I want to start this section by saying that this competition was VERY close, with the exception of the unknown brand 3.5? rheobus. Each of the fan controller?s submitted performed outstanding and in some cases even blew me off my feet. I was surprised that some of these controllers were able to do as well as they did ? at some points during the roundup I did have my doubts! Judging on ease of installation, best performance, best looking and what?s included (to make installation easier), I would have to declare the overall winner of this roundup the Vantec Four Fan Controller. Not only did I have high expectations coming into t?
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