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LianLi PC-70 Chassis

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Manufacturer: LianLi
Product Name: Top Window Kit
Review Date: 03.31.03
Reviewer: Afturmath

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

As stated in the beginning, a CrazyPC window kit with 80mm blowhole was also ordered with this case. The kit included the window, H-molding, and Instructions. The instructions outline how to measure, cut, and place the window. They are very detailed and provide several illustrations. The window itself is made of Acrylite, which is a type of acrylic. I always prefer Lexan over acrylic due to its strength; however, acrylic does not scratch as easily. The H-style molding is very large and bulky, but allows for many slip-ups in cutting.

After cutting the hole in the top of the PC70, I installed the window with 3M double sided exterior mounting tape. I chose no to use the H-molding because I prefer the cleaner look of no molding. This tape has a 5lb hold (remember this fact). The window was very easy to install and adds a bit of flair to your top panel. I put an 80mm quad blue LED fan in the fan hole. The cuts on this window are very clean, and the 80mm fan looked very nice and reflected off the buffed fan hole. It was impossible to get a picture of this. The acrylic is very scratch resistant, which is a good feature if you?re like me and put a lot of CDs and such on top of your case.

I later realized my fan hole was slightly skewed and proceeded to remove the window for repositioning. Remember the 5lb hold tape? In pushing the window out, even being careful not to push too hard, I managed to split the window right down the middle. I couldn?t have put more than 10lbs of force on it. This is the reason I prefer Lexan over acrylic. I received another window from CrazyPC, this time without the fan hole, and I have not had a problem.

I would recommend a top window to anyone who wants to add a bit of flair to their boring top panel. It allows you to see items such as a windowed HDD or windowed optical drive. Cutting and placement is easy, especially with molding and at $11.00 it won?t break the bank, just be careful not to break the window!

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