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Homemade Harddrive Cooler

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The Process
First you have to measure your hard drive cover?s width and divide it by 3. Let?s just say for the sake of the argument, the cover IS 5.25? wide. This is where the calculator comes in handy. Divide 5.25? by 3. You should get 1.75? or you did something wrong.

Note: Images are not to scale, they?re just giving a brief overview.

Every 1.75 inches, draw a vertical line with your pencil (see below).

After that?s done, the next step is centering the fans.

Note: When looking at my picture, you can see mine aren?t centered, I didn?t discover this until AFTER I did mine :)

The way to make the fans perfectly centered(or damn close) is to draw diagonal lines from the corners! It?s simple geometry really. This is where the ruler comes into play. From one corner to the opposite corner, draw a straight line with your pencil (see below).

Now that that?s complete, no more pencils, rulers, or calculators are needed. Onto the manly stuff! Take out the hole saw (Sorry for the bad quality, it?s hard to hold the camera still, keep the bit from rolling away and hit the capture button at once).

Now drill the holes on the drive cover using the guidelines you?ve already drawn on.

Now you should have something that looks similar to this, but perfectly centered, unlike mine :(

Congratulations. The hard parts are now complete. Now time to set up the fans.

From here on out, it?s a no-brainer. Take the fans and put them on the cover. I use hot glue because I didn?t want to have to put screws on.

Drive cover complete! Now take the hard drive brackets?

?and attach them to the sides of your hard drive

Put it in the 5.25? drive bay, slap on the cover, plug in the fans?

?and you now have a spiffy homemade hard drive cooler! Enjoy?

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