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Abit NF7-M Motherboard

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The motherboard we have here right now is the ABIT NF7-M. It comes loaded with some great things such as onboard video to name one of the better features! As well as onboard video, you will find six-channel sound, an infrared port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one LAN connection. You have the additional option of adding four more USB ports via the onboard connection pins. This is all bundled with 333 FSB and the NVIDIA nForce2 IGP/MCP2 chipset (this chipset is just revolutionary being that it?s packed with a HyperTransport module that speeds up communication between the North and South Bridge). Cooling-wise the Northbridge is actively cooled by an aluminum heatsink while the south goes un-cooled as usual. Being that it?s not as bandwidth packed as the North Bridge so it really doesn?t need to be cooled. It?s always a good idea though to extend component life. The one thing that this board doesn?t have though is SATA and RAID; then again I don?t see many people at LAN parties with a RAID array hanging out of their case windows. Incorporated with the other wonderments of this board we have the good old legacy technology called PCI, there are five PCI ports and one AGP 8x port that?s back-compatible with 4x. The DIMM modules, which support DDR 266/333/400 RAM, are cleverly placed so that they won?t interfere with the longest of today?s graphics accelerators. The IDE controllers are ATA-133/100/66.

Here you can see the board is the first thing that you see upon attempting retrieval from the box! It?s wrapped in that all-to-often-seen ABIT red bubble wrap/electromagnetic protection.

These are probably next in line behind the board is terms of being vital. The cd contains such applications such as Antiviral protection (too bad you can?t get something like that, you know a for-sure type protection for when you?re on a date with that questionable girl that?s done your entire locker room, yes even the kids that get picked last in all the games!). The book contains a ton of helpful information, if you?re a system builder you know that you?re always looking for the world renowned f-panel diagram! This tells you where the ATX Power Switch, Pow LED, and HDD LED all go.

Here we have your floppy and IDE cables. Along with that they threw in a complimentary USB 2.0 cable connection. You plug these directly into your motherboard and you now have four USB 2.0 ports instead of the factory stock two. Overall I found the package with the board to be weak. It was dull and monotonous; you can receive an ABIT board and already know what the bundle will be. I figured that they might throw in a curve considering the board is near-revolutionary in terms of technologies!

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