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Painting Your Chassis

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Painting Your Chassis
Author: David ?jodathmorr? Schulman

Hey folks. Today we will be taking a look at a very personalized mod, sure to be an eye-catcher at your next LAN party. Case painting is one of the easiest (easier, I should say) ways to make your case stand out from the crowd. I was surprised at the lack of articles about case painting on most mod sites because the mod is not at all labor intensive and is guaranteed to get some attention in the end. Anyway, without further ado, I present the Ub3r L33t guide to case painting...

(As always, TwistedMods is not responsible for your well being or the well being of your case. If you inadvertently kill yourself due to this mod, you can?t touch us. Please follow all of the safety information in this guide. If you don?t, the Almighty may or may not decide to visit your household. Seriously though, if you?re smart, there is nothing about this mod that will hurt you. Unless you just aren?t that bright, but that?s not our fault and we feel deeply sorry for you.)

Eww...How bland!

Before I started this mod, I went to various case modding websites and looked at some examples of other painted cases. I?d never done it before and I wanted to see what looked good and obviously, what didn?t. I started with a nice black Antec 1080 case knowing I was going to be painting the inside. After checking out other cases I decided that red looked best in a black case. Some other cool color choices (for a black case at least) would have been a lime green, maybe a soft blue color, or if you want to be a stealth monkey, all black. After deciding on my colors, I went to my local AutoZone store and was advised to use Auto paint and not Krylon spray paint to go that extra mile. I bought the following products there:

-1 can of Gray Primer
-2 cans of Cardinal Red Auto paint
-1 can of Black Auto paint
-1 can of Clear Coat
-1 package of 1800-grain sandpaper

Each can of paint ending up being around $5 a piece. I would also advise a 3rd can of color because you?ll use it up pretty quickly. In the end, you will want to have at least 3-4 coats of paint on the case. The sandpaper will be used to sand down the inside of the case to make the paint adhere better. It?s also useful for sanding off ink logos on the inside of the case. My Antec had this little black ?OK? logo on the side. Sand those off immediately because they will seep through your paint job. I learned that the hard way. Once you have everything, grab some old newspaper and go outside.

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