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Cobalt Pyramid V Fan Silencer

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Manufacturer: Cobalt3
Product Name: Pyramid V Fan Silencer
Provider: QuietPCUSA
Review Date: 06.30.03
Reviewer: Tom Nguyen

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Have you been looking for an intelligent solution to cool your computer system? Already try those fan bus?s to only be surprised at how unintelligently they work? It sounds like what you need is a device that automatically senses a rise and decline in that blazing fast computer of yours. Today we take a look at Cobalt?s latest version of there popular Pyramid Fan Silencer products. This series comes in standard casing (as shown below) as well as white, blue, red, green, and yellow LEDS.

You may have seen tons of fan controller devices ranging from your everyday bay bus, to making your own rheobus made out of components you have laying around. All that stuff is old news, while it?s good to be able to control your fan speed with a twist of the wrist; how often do you remember to do that every time you leave your computer? The Pyramid V Fan Silencer does everything a fan controller does but on its own. The Pyramid has no switches, knobs, or jumpers; the entire device is controlled by an internal microprocessor that detects the rise and fall of the ambient temperature inside of your computer case. Did I mention that all these features fit into a bite sized 1 square inch pyramid?

So how does it know when to crank up the speed or lower it down? The temperature sensor is what actually detects the heat; this sensor is then attached to microprocessor which turns on and off the voltage as needed. For the device to work properly it must be installed properly.

The installation for this device is as easy as counting to three. All you have to do is find an area that you think is going to be the hottest, dry fit your power supply cables and fan cables, remove the sticky foil and stick it. All this information is given in the tiny instruction booklet that comes with the retail package.

Specific to the Cobalt line of Fan Silencer is the dPOD technology. dPOD stands for Dual Power Output Driver technology. What this does that it insures that the device will get a constant load of 4 amps. This is enough to daisy chain up to eight 80mm fans. So you?re still hesitant to let a little device monitor your thousand dollar computer by itself? Well rest assured with its Fail Safe feature because if the microprocessor ever does give out or if your fans suddenly stop responding it will power up the fan to full speed.


So how well did this product live up to its features? First off this device works like a charm. All tests were conducted in relatively cold weather. After starting my PC the first time after having installed the pyramid fan controller, I did some 3d rendering to increase the intensity of the workload of my CPU which in turn would cause its temperature to rise. After about a minute I noticed that the fans were spinning at full speed mainly because of the amount sound emitting from my computer case. After the render was complete I let my computer sode dle, as I paid attention to the emitting sound as well ambient temperature in my case slowly decrease. It seems that the temperature sensor on the device does exactly what it?s supposed to do. The next test I did was to see how many fans this little device could handle. According to the specifications of cobalt, their device can handle up to 8 daisy chained 4-pin fans and 2 3-pin fans. So I went ahead and tested this out, basically all I did was hooked up 8 regular 4-pin 80mm fans and 2 3-pin 80mm fans, turned on my pc and let it get to work. Amazingly it did it without any problems at all.

Out of all the fan controlling products I?ve ever tested I would say this product lived up to everything it says it can do. It?s hard to compare and contrast a fanbus against this product because some people just like manually controlling their fan speeds while others like it automatically controlled. Personally I like having to not worry about my fan speeds as long as it keeps my system cool, noise level down, and does it for me it?s a great fan controlling product. This product is available from for the price of $21.95 which isn?t too bad, especially compared to that of the original Cobalt fan silencer which started off at around 35 or 40 dollars?back then it was ridiculous, but the functionality and quality of this products makes it well worth the $21.95 which is being asked?I would say this price is just about fair compared to a cheesy fan controller you can buy for about $30.00 that barely functions with one fan!

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