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Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80gb Hard Drive

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The Drive

The drive itself is a standard 3.5 inch wide half-height metal box. It has the standard features we've come to expect on hard drives. It uses 80-conductor ATA interface cables to support the ATA/133 speed. It has Master/Slave jumper settings so that you can configure it for your usage. The sticker on the top holds necessary information such as the serial number, which is always needed to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization ? a warranty replacement) if it happens to go bad. The Master/Slave jumper cap diagram is very easy to understand and most people should be able to set the drive as master or slave without any problems whatsoever. Take a look at the detailed components of this drive below.

Because we received the OEM version, the drive came in a plain box. The retail packaging would be a red and blue box with a picture of a guy being ?blown away? from the blazing speed. The drive is neatly shrink wrapped in an anti-static bag and placed snugly in foam to prevent damage during shipment and handling; the same packaging technique is used for the retail version as well.

This is the top of the drive. The sticker gives you all the pertinent information you will need to know in case you can?t find the box/documentation. It shows how to set the Master/Slave jumper for installing the drive, and includes the necessary information to request an RMA if it happens to break. It?s important to treat this sticker well; if any scratches or tampering with the drive are evident, then Maxtor will consider your warranty void, and you will not be able to RMA the drive if it goes bad. So if you plan to mod your hard drive, don't plan on ever receiving an RMA!

This is the bottom of the drive. No surprises here. You can see the 8MB chip for the cache, which appears to be manufactured by Samsung. On most drives, this would be a 2MB chip, but since this model is ?special edition,? it is made with an 8MB cache chip. By placing a larger cache on drives, Input/Output performance is improved without any unwanted performance penalties from sending read-ahead data over the ATA controller.

Here you can see the ATA cable plug, the jumper cap and pins, and the Molex power plug. The +5V line is rated at 670mA and the +12V line is rated at 960mA.

On the top of the sticker on the drive it displays Maxtor?s name and the model of your HDD. This is just some other necessary information that you may need in the future, not only if you lose documentation but for quick technical support and drive identification when it is OUT of your system.

On the top left hand side of the sticker you will find the jumper configuration label. This tells you where to place the jumper caps for Master and Slave configurations. Obviously you can?t be online if this is the only drive in the computer and it?s not configured correctly; and if you can't find the manual at the time of installation, the sticker will be your best bet as to a fast and smooth configuration. As you can see it?s easy to understand and anyone should be able to comprehend this diagram. It appears to me that Maxtor has made the effort to make everything on the top sticker understandable for both beginning and more experienced customers. Even though some drives' jumper cap settings are hard to understand, this isn?t the case with Maxtor. The label gives you all the information you need in a very organized manner, so you can install it whether or not you have the proper documentation. This helps prevent the annoying ?trial and error? approach, tech support calls, searching for the manual that you threw on the floor a couple weeks ago, or searching online. After all, you should be spending that time installing an operating system on your brand new hard drive!

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