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iCute UV-Reactive Acrylic Case Stand

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Manufacturer: iCute
Product Name: UV-Reactive Acrylic Case Stand
Review Date: 08.25.03
Reviewer: ImaginaryForce

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

My first thoughts on this product certainly aren't what the Marketing team would want to hear. I thought this product was utterly useless. It took me a a little while and a lot of imagination to really see a use for this product. This product is meant to be a stand for various equipment. Though it could be used under monitors, scanners, and printers, I think you would only benefit by putting it under a case. With the sound activated cathode in it, it just wouldn't seem right under anything else. The sound-activated cathode is just one of the great features of this product. The true use of this product is to sit under one of your system components and provide a light show for anyone that will pay attention. It?s definitely a one-of-a-kind product; I was surprised to find that the more I used it, the more I liked it!

The stand itself consists of a clear/blue tinted acrylic material with an aluminum base. It has supports randomly placed throughout the structure to provide a solid foundation that will hold up to 120lbs. I tested this with a carefully calibrated weight, otherwise known as Josh Thompson, my fellow reviewer. That?s right; I could even put my matrix-style server on there and light it up under my desk! The unit has an indentation in its center to house the cathodes. There is no cap or lid for this depression, it?s open to the underside of your chassis. Long term use of an aluminum case might raise your case temperatures slightly. There are small separators on the bottom of this indentation to keep the cathodes separated from each other. At the rear of the unit, there are more depressions that allow you to route wires out of the back, directly into your chassis via empty slot openings. You can house the cathode power unit in or outside your chassis. I chose to leave it outside to keep fan noise from activating the cathode. It also picks up the environmental sounds much better if it?s actually in the environment with which you want it to interact! There is a small knob on the cathode inverter to allow easily adjusting the sensitivity! There are also two more modes - off and on - that are separate from the sound activated mode. I found the sound activation to be very accurate. If I set it to react to bass, it picked up every beat, not just the ones that were loud enough to rattle the house.

Unfortunately, there isn?t much else to say about this little stand, and yet it does almost anything your imagination can come up with involving off-the-wall lighting. It?s an original product, but it needs some fine tuning, such as having a line of products that conform to the shape of the product for which they are designed. Having a shape for monitors, printers, and scanners would increase the number of options available to the modder.

In conclusion, I?m satisfied with this product. It does what it's designed to do. Regarding the design, it needs to be pushed a little farther and given specific shapes for specific products. More color options would also be a definite bonus!

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