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JacolTech Braided Wire Sleeving

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Manufacturer: JacolTech
Product Name: Braided Wire Sleeving
Review Date: 08.29.03
Reviewer: Win2kITPro

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Hypothetical situation here: I just installed a custom, wicked sick (yeah, you UT2003 fans know how that goes), flawless window kit on the side of my case only to realize that the end result doesn?t look all that attractive because of the rat?s nets of cables everywhere as a result of an untidy cable routing job. What can you do to fix this you ask? The solution is easy, pick up some wire braided sleeving from JacolTech. Braided sleeving has many benefits when compared to the standard electrical tape or zip ties. Braided sleeving leaves behind no sticky residue when and if you ever decide to take it off, it gives your case a complete custom color configuration to match the color of your IDE cables and/or the color or your hardware, and it makes the overall look of your case seem way more attractive and professional. Sleeving your power supply takes great patience, however, if done correctly you?ll most certainly achieve a look that?s sure to turn heads and get you numerous compliments from friends and fellow LAN-Goers wherever you go!

JacolTech was kind enough to send us four different colors of braided sleeving to be used in this review. We have two strands of ?? sleeving one being UV reactive orange and the other being carbon fiber as well as 2 strands of ?? one being UV reactive blue and the other being UV reactive green. These are some pretty sharp looking products here as you can see in the picture above. There are no defects anywhere in the entire strand of braiding. Upon close inspection of the braid you can see that it?s made up of a bunch of little X or diamond shaped fibers all bunched together and overlapping each other to indeed create a perfect, high quality looking circular surrounding for the cables in your computer.

Before I go on to say how I went about sleeving my power supply for this review I would like to inform you all that this is not a guide on sleeving and should not be used as such. It is merely the method that I used for the sole purpose of this review. The first thing to remember when sleeving your power supply is that time + effort = looks. The more time and effort you put into the task of sleeving your power supply the better it will look. With that said and out of the way I should give you what I see to be the best advice during the process of sleeving your power supply which is ALWAYS, always, cut the braided sleeving with a hot knife or very sharp scissors and then melt the frays at the end together with a lighter or match. This saves a great deal of frustration and work, if you have frayed ends it?s hard to get the sleeving over the cables of your power supply without the braids totally coming apart in which case you must start over. The first step in the the sleeving process is to get your power supply ready, which consists of unplugging all the devices from it inside of your computer and taking the power supply out and untangling the wires if needed. The second step is to cut the braiding down to the size required to cover the length of cables you are going to be sleeving. You then want to slip the freshly cut (and non frayed) sleeving over the molex connectors. The third step is to secure both ends of the sleeving with either shrink tubing or zip ties. You then want to repeat this process for all the cables on your power supply. The picture below shows a half-assed sleeving job.

As you can see the ends of the sleeving are slightly frayed and the decision of using zip ties as opposed to shrink tubing doesn?t hide this all that well. The picture below shows a sleeving job that was done with great time and effort.

Now this is what I call one badass sleeving job. You will notice that the ends are fray free and that shrink tubing was chosen over zip ties to cover the ends of the sleeving. This is a sleeving job well done that is absolutely sure to turn heads at LAN parties as well as get you a super hot girlfriend, well maybe not a girlfriend, but a shitload of attention.

Sleeving your power supply, as you can see, will surely make your computer look extremely high quality as well as professional if done correctly. This is by far the cheapest and most effective way to give your computer that extra bit of TLC it needs. JacolTech sells a very high quality product as you can probably tell from the description of the braided sleeving above. If you want one of the best looking rigs at the local LAN party, picking up some braided wire sleeving from JacolTech is the first choice you should make.

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