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Jazz Hipster J9940W Surround Sound

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Manufacturer: Jazz
Product Name: Hipster J9940W Surround Sound
Review Date: 09.08.03
Reviewer: ImaginaryForce

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

This speaker set is just mind blowingly incredible. I?ve never seen anything this powerful that?s this easily integrated with a computer system. This thing will literally shake the pictures (or clock) right off of your wall. Believe me, I can vouch for that. On their about page they say they are at the forefront of speaker development, believe me when you sit here in front of this subwoofer and let it shake everything and you?ll agree with them. The driver for this subwoofer is so incredibly powerful, I mean I could die and use it as a defibrillator almost! The design of the speakers is very original, the big part of the originality being that the speakers are ?wireless.? Not literally however, but that?ll be discussed further in depth later on.

Let me start with the main part, the center channel unit. This is pretty much like the motherboard of the system; everything goes in, out, and thru this unit. It also has most of the controls built onto it as well! A very stylish design coupled with a nice digital readout of your volume levels with a remote control capability is one of the upsides. On the unit you can manually adjust Overall Volume, Subwoofer Volume, Center Channel Volume, and Surround Speaker Volume. I found these buttons to be, well, not reliable. Sometimes if you turn them slowly the numbers will take jumps from like 20 to 50 without any warning, this could easily mess up your nice new speakers. I don?t think we would want to do that to something as beautiful as this. Now this system was designed for use as a Home Theater System, but we?ve taken it a step farther and rigged up our own little system so that it?s fully compatible with our PC here. This took a little time to figure out which one went where, considering the plugs that they give you are male to male plugs without adapters or anything, just a straight running wire.

To be hooked to a PC you must head down to your local Radio Shack or the equivalent and invest in three Y Adapters. Not a big investment and I?m sure you?ve got the cash lying around if you?ve just invested in this little set of speakers; they?re worth every penny though. Except the ones that were wasted when stuff came crashing off of my walls, but that to me is just pure customer satisfaction! The center channel can really put down some sound itself, which is kind of important being that if you have it set up as a gaming system all of your voices, rockets, machine guns, and usually spent shell casings are going to come thru this channel. Not to mention the occasional Battlefield 1942 tank shell flying towards your barrel??I must say that is always exciting, until you die. Back on track though, the center channel is powered by a 3? speaker and a 1.5? tweeter, what the hell does that mean? Crisp, high quality high frequency sounds will come pouring out to be absorbed by your ears??in my case though it came out as a just-fragged death scream in UT2003! Either way though, whatever is your pleasure! It?s got 20 watts of power, this doesn?t sound like record breaking specs or anything but believe me, it?s enough. The only downside I found to the center channel is placement; the wires they give you aren?t the longest in the world, especially the crucial one that links the center channel and the subwoofer. The center channel cabinet isn?t quite short enough to put under the front of your monitor, so I had to shoot for resting it on top. Now that?s quite a stretch to the ground with a 21 inch monitor now isn?t it?


Next up we have our front two channels, these are the main speakers that are going to give you the most interaction. Being when you?re gaming, hopefully, you?re facing the action. You can kick the rear speakers into high gear if you?re running your tail off though! The front speakers are quite tall, I?m going to estimate and go with about 40 inches tall actually. Those are some big speakers, I wouldn?t normally complain if there were more than three speakers in the cabinet though. The first two and a half feet of these speakers are just wood with attractive coverings over them. Now given they are attractive and do put the speakers up off the ground and bring them to ear level, I found this to be a bit of a letdown. The speakers weren?t as eardrum shattering as I wished they would be, if you only have the two front channels hooked up and not the rears you really almost have to silence the bass and pound the treble to get any volume out of them. The speakers are connected to the subwoofer via raw power cables. The one side of the power cable has a 3mm male connector on it while the other end is just two bare wires that attach to the bottom of the speakers to provide power and a signal. That?s right, technically the front two aren?t wireless. That?s alright with me though, because you are more than likely going to place them near the subwoofer. The speakers are driven be two 3? speakers and one 1.5? tweeter. Once again, high frequencies are high levels my friends!

On to the rear speakers, this is really what completes this unit. The rear speakers give this setup so much volume when it comes to pounding out your favorite ?legally? downloadable hits! Onto the wireless topic though for a moment, this set is supposed to be wireless so let?s see what we?re faced with. The only wire going into this bad-boy is going to be your power my friend; this is where the wireless word actually comes into use. There are three dip switches on the back that give you any number of combinations of frequencies to run this on. You?re going to want to experiment with these if you have a 2.4 GHz phone or a microwave in your house that?s run often. Either way, you?re going to get some static some days, but that?s alright given it?s not all the bloody time. If you live in an apartment, I don?t know how you?re going to fare with these little noise makers. The rear speakers are very short, the cabinet is only tall enough to hold two 3? and one 1.5? speakers. They are held up by adjustable metal stands, these stands can be swiveled 360 degrees and raised up about five feet off of the ground. This is nice if you?re placing them in a large room and really want to disperse the sound! There are also two wing nuts on the bottom of the plate that the speakers rest on to adjust the tightness of the ?retention? on the speaker. Believe me, you?re going to want to tighten these speakers in, when the 3? ones get going they produce a lot of vibrations that can shake the speaker off the front or back of the stand. I?ve witnessed it happen??right onto a nice acrylic case that is! The speakers have a very nice sound to them, it?s very crisp. They?re a great addition to this already fantastic speaker set!

Now, for the best part of the review, it?s time for the subwoofer. This thing is just incredible. There aren?t any other words that can describe the power this thing pounds out. It?ll honestly beat your heart for you, you can just lay back and vegetate and not have to worry about powering any of your internal organs. It has an 8? subwoofer in there housed a fairly large cabinet. There are a few rumors though, none confirmed, that there are two subwoofers in the cabinet. I?ve looked on the website and seen one thing and in the manual another and on review sites yet another, I honestly have no fricken idea; I just know this thing lays down beats better than a dance club in Pittsburgh. It?s so loud, it?s a good thing it?s adjustable. Some songs have harder bass than others which might cause you to jump out of your seat when a new song comes on and collapses your rib-cage. It?s a wonderful thing to have though nonetheless. If there were ways of measuring this I?d provide you with all kinds of number and figures and characters that you don?t even see on a Chinese keyboard but guess what, I don?t care about numbers. If you buy this system you?re going to be one satisfied customer.


Installation of the unit was a bit harder than the normal speaker system; the reason being is that it?s not made for a PC. It?s made for a home theater system. As before though, with the purchase of a few Y-Adapters you can easily convert this into a rockin ass PC sound system! There aren?t really that many wires to hook up, three go into the subwoofer and seven into the back of the center channel box.

Frequencies, I wanted to give this a special paragraph. Being that this is in fact a wireless speaker system you have to worry about speaker frequency interference. This is a nuisance and can easily cause damage to a speaker system by spiking the speakers with power and raw noise when it?s really not needed. Another thing I want to mention is the phones and the microwave interference when being used. It depends on what kind of phone you have; a 2.4 GHz phone will give you the most trouble. You can get rid of that though by adjusting the dip switches on the wireless portion or these speakers. There are three dip switches on the back of the center channel and the two satellite speakers so that you can create a number of combinations that best suite your environment. You just need to make sure that the dip switches on the back speakers are the same combination as the dip switches on the center speaker.

Altogether, this is one of the best compact systems I?ve ever seen for home audio or PC audio. Now given, you can?t beat a set of two-12s and some huge speakers, but for the consumer who wants to find a pre-built system or great quality speakers; this is really the way to go. I can assure you that you will in no way whatsoever be disappointed in this 5.1 Home Theater System, it?s worth every hefty penny out of your pocket, and trust me?you?re going to need a lot of pennies to purchase this system!

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