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Modular Antec TruePower 480 Watt Power Supply *World Exclusive*

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This is indeed one of the best power supplies I?ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. There is literally nothing wrong with it at all. The quality of the sleeving and the heatshrink tubing are flawless. The braided sleeving goes all the way into the power supply which makes this power supply look incredible and clean when installed into a custom built computer. You may think you have a nice computer now but if you really stop and realize that it?s practically impossible to hide all the wires on a standard power supply it kind of makes you want to work extra hard to save the $180 dollars you are going to spend for this item. This power supply is worth every penny of your well earned money. I guarantee it will make your computer look the beunduhat it can be. With 14 different sleeving color options as well as eight different heatshink color options there is a color configuration out there for everyone. With all do respect, if you have a window in the side of your rig there is no reason that you shouldn?t get one of these power supplies, it completes the look of any modded computer out there!

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