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Hard Drive Window

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The Process

Make sure you cut in a well ventilated area - or just outside! Breathing in metal shavings is not something you want to do. Here you see my nice little mod-station.

Here is a picture of the cut when it's done. The key to doing a nice job is to crank that Dremel on full-speed, but to do the cuts very, very slowly. I used two cutoff wheels on this window, and it took about 20 minutes, but the result was worth it.

Here you can see the finished result. Though not quite done yet, a little smoothing should take care of that.

You will want to grind down the sharp edges and make the messy cuts nice and straight now. You can see that it definitely looks a lot better. A Dremel grinding wheel works great for this. A smaller hand file would also work well.

Now that the drive casing is cut, you need to cut the window. I placed the casing on top of the plastic and traced the window shape from the cut out. Next, I drew the cut out (by hand) slightly larger than the hole. This is to keep the plastic from slipping right through. Depending on what material you are using for your window, you can choose the appropriate tool to cut it, from scissors to a Dremel.

Next Stop: Glue!

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