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MountainMods U2-UFO Cube Chassis Update *World Exclusive*

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Manufacturer: MountainMods
Product Name: U2-UFO Cube Chassis Update
Review Date: 02.03.04
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

After having the honor to be the first, and one of the very few sites on the net to show you MountainMods' newest creation (the U2-UFO Aluminum Cube Chassis), I have yet another breakthrough in the case modding scene to show off. It's not a computer-programmable "fembot" or a USB powered butt-scratcher, it?s a mirrored powder coat available in both 'patriot red' and 'jet black.' Following the release of what was a very spectacular product, MountainMods has added a twist to the original case design.

Let me explain a little about what powder coating is. You can basically powder coat most finishes, and is highly popular with surfaces that are used regularly. A popular product that is powder coated include rims for an automobile. This being that you drive your car daily, and your rims get high use. Powder coating protects your rims from daily driving hazards such as rocks and dirt. Having said this, it makes sense to have your case powder coated because it protects your case from scratches, and needless to say makes the case eye candy; it provides a beautiful finish.


The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground resin and pigment, which gets sprayed onto the product to be coated. The charged particles adhere themselves to the electronically grounded surface. It is then heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. This is a very popular method of finishing in America. It?s used in about 10% of all industrial finishing applications. The color selection is almost unlimited, making a wide variety of choice for your case. This method of finishing also promises longer lasting color, which is great for the price of the procedure. And for all you environmentalists, it is one of the safest ways to paint a product. It?s extremely safe, and that is why more companies are using this method of painting. It?s cheaper because they no longer need to buy that costly pollution control equipment. All this being said, it is really a major plus for all us modders out there to go in the direction of powder coated products. It?s an all around plus.

Mechanically, the updated U2-UFO is indifferent to the original; the style is not. Upon first receiving my black powder coated U2-UFO, I couldn't help but smile as I'd received just what I'd expected. Right out of the package, the color is so perfect, so rich, and so even, that I could honestly comb my own hair in one of the side panels. Unlike most coatings (which extends to all parts of the case, inside and out, all welds are covered), it is hardly revealing of fingerprints at all. It's highly scratch resistant, and wouldn't tarnish in the slightest even when I intentionally scratched and tore at it with my fingernails. As a finishing touch, the rivets described, which harness each of the three pieces of Plexiglas, originally silver aluminum, are now black.

Seeing as this case is the spitting image of the aluminum U2-UFO chassis, I expected everything to slide right into place. It was a bit more challenging to insert the screws into the screw holes than before, but the task is easily accomplished using an electric drill. The extra thickness along the PCI screw-in ledge provided by the powder coat prevents the PCI cards from sliding in all the way. Sanding down the paint in that location resolves this problem. The paint is not completely scratch-resistant either, as dusting it down can leave quite the barrage of micro-scratches. This can be resolved using a little car wax; just wipe on and wipe off.

MountainMods remains the vendor of some of the most original and best-looking chassis' on the market. I would recommend this case to anyone who's isn't on a modest budget, with quite large a living space. It comes at a hefty $345 plus shipping, though for the more stylish case modder, it is well worth the price.

Powder Coating information provided by: The Powder Coating Institute

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