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Ancient Chinese Dremel Techniques

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The Process (continued)
Ok, now we have the first two corners and 1 curve cut out, and we slightly understand the idea of cutting tight curves. Next up are a couple of curves coming together in an odd way, and the curves are too small to just cut regularly. When I say regular cut, I mean cut directly on the line without having to work into the cut from the sides.

I cut as far as I could regularly, and then just cut straight across to get rid of the excess panel.

Here, I cut two lines up, then one across to drop out the whole block.

Here?s a view of the step above without the Dremel in the way. [

This is one of the main tricks of dremeling. I set up the indentions to where they could all be cut off with one slice of the blade.

The same thing applies to this one. Also notice, I started cutting up into the jaw hinge part as far as I could go with the cutting blade.

Now all that I have to do is the wiggle process that I used for the other curves, to get rid of the small bits that were left.

Here, I took the metal cutting bit that I showed you in the materials list, and cut up into the hinge of the jaw. I did not drill a new hole. I placed it to the bottom of where I was going to start cutting, and applied pressure upwards and whichever directions I needed it to go to cut the shape.

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