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Logisys Clear Acrylic 2.1 Gaming Speakers

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Manufacturer: Logisys
Product Name: Clear Acrylic 2.1 Gaming Speakers
Review Date: 05.30.04
Reviewer: DjRima

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Mac?s sleek, trendy design has grabbed the attention of Logysis for their newest multimedia acoustics system. The speakers which look nearly identical to a set of Mac speakers give PC users a chance to enjoy the same trendy design and style as Mac users. With clear acrylic casing, the Logisys Clear Acrylic 2.1 Gaming Speakers definitely spice up anyone?s desk. I hate Mac as much as the next guy, but you?ve got to give it to them on style?

The box has the Logisys Computer logo at the top and a large picture of the system with the following specs:

  • Independent amplifier with front control knobs to easily adjust bass, treble and master volume.
  • Independent Passive Woofer can be placed anywhere you like.
  • V10 Satellite Speaker Unit with unique clear heavy-duty design is featured by wide frequency response, exact positioning and high resolution.
  • External fuse setting to ensure the safety and longevity of the system.
  • This speaker system can be directly connected to the audio output of PC, VCD, CD, DVD or TV.
  • Multi-way inputs, suitable connection either to PC or VCD, CD and TV, etc.
  • Master Volume control knob with blue LED background.
  • The whole system is magnetically shielded to avoid interference with PC, Monitor or TV.

  • Inside the box the subwoofer and satellite speakers were packaged nice and snug in individual plastic wrapping, inside foam to keep it from moving around. The box contained one amplifier/control, two 2.5? magnetically shielded satellite speakers, one 5.25? magnetically shielded subwoofer, small bag with the primary input audio cable, additional two-channel input/output cables for connection with TV, DVD, etc., and an instruction manual. There is an independent amplifier that also acts as a controller with large, easy to use volume, bass and treble knobs on the front. Because the controller is also the amp, it can be a bit large to have on the desk, but this allows for the clear subwoofer to look nice on the floor without any built-in amplifier ruining the look. Aside from the controller/amp there are two; small, spherical satellite speakers for the mid/high range treble. The actual speaker is only exposed through 3 holes cut out of the plastic shell surrounding the speakers and the cone is white with standard black foam surrounding it. The acrylic is sturdy and felt high quality. The wiring coming from the back of the speakers was clear to match the clear acrylic look, which adds a nice touch. Aside from the looks, we have to remember, pleasing to the eye does not necessarily mean pleasing to the ear. Do these speakers performance live up to their looks? Let?s check out the performance.


    They are so small and sleek that they didn't seem to cramp the desk at all. It is recommended that the two satellite speakers are placed 2.25 feet apart from each other; I put them on either side of my monitor. The whole system is magnetically shielded, so don?t worry about any interference with your monitor at close proximity. The subwoofer contains no stereo imaging and its sound is non directional, so it can be placed anywhere on the floor. Although, the directions on the box claim that placing the sub under a desk, close to a wall or in a corner will dramatically affect the bass efficiency.


    Hooking up the speakers was a breeze. The sub, main audio input cable, and both satellite speakers? cables hook directly into the back of the amp/controller with the help of easy to follow labeled jacks. I left the input #2 jacks alone as I would not be using the speakers with anything other than the PC. I plugged the power cable from the back of the amp into my power strip and hooked in the main audio input (green cable) to INPUT 1 on the back of the amp and the other end to the soundcard on the back of my PC. I was listening to music right away! Instantly, the light on the controller turned on and glows a soft orange. The blue LED background around volume knob described on the box was nowhere to be seen, in fact, it doesn?t even exist. Minor detail, but don?t get your hopes up for that cool blue to match the rest of your system.

    Before testing the speakers I made sure that my audio hardware was turned to half volume to assure no distortion while testing the speakers at high volume. With a few simple turns of the dials, I adjusted the bass, treble, and of course the master volume to my liking. I cranked some DJ Tiesto trance music in WinAmp and let the beautiful sounds pour out of the stylin? speakers at a very high volume. The sound quality overall was average. The treble is a bit hollow and the bass doesn?t hit very low or long, but that?s not expected of this type of speaker. The subwoofer pumps 16W RMS and the satellites put out 12W RMS each. The sub claims to have 30Hz-120Hz frequency response, but I think it could have been better.

    With my audio settings, 60% volume maxed out the satellites, but the sub was able to go a bit higher. This will be different for everyone depending on your soundcard and audio settings. Half the results lie in equalization. One thing I did not like about the satellites was the three holes in the plastic that covered about 40% of the speaker. If anything is in front of the holes the sound is completely drained out. This isn?t really a big problem but it?s annoying that the sound is so directional. The speakers are also very short. Although slightly angled upward, depending on how low you sit in your chair you will hear more high range treble. They sound the best when you are where you should be, with your eyes on upper third of your monitor.

    I ran the speakers through various songs using WinAmp ranging from trance to hip hop to rock to classical. The satellites hit the midrange sounds nicely. It?s obvious that this design would not allow for a multi-speaker midrange speaker so the treble was a bit flat and hollow at times but equalized properly, they sound just fine. The sub really needs to hit harder and longer, but because of the bandpass design of the enclosure, the sound passes through air which is pushed out through a port on top of the enclosure, resulting in less acoustic, more distorted, airy bass. Because the sub is not high powered it maintains a clean, smooth hit, bit it could be a lot cleaner if it wasn?t in such a directional bandpass enclosure.

    Overall, the sound quality is clear, they look great, and the controls are simple and effective. The clarity of the sound, even at high volumes, was remarkable when bumping music on my PC. It even comes with an extra cable to hook the speakers up to a TV or DVD player which is a very nice feature. I didn?t like the directional sound coming out of the holes in the satellite speakers, the bandpass subwoofer enclosure, size of the amp/controller (being too big for desk), lack of blue LED lighting on volume knob, and absence of headphone jack on the front of the controller. These speakers will give you good 2.1 sound at an affordable price and they look good doing it and I recommend these speakers to anyone who wants stylish desktop speakers for general PC use.


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