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BlueTake BT510 Bluetooth Mini Mouse & BT009Si Bluetooth USB Adapter Review

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On the front right corner of the mouse is a DC port which is used to accept the USB cable to power your BT510 incase your batteries run out. It basically makes your mouse corded. It's a great feature if you're on the go with your laptop and can't get access to some AAA batteries. No other mouse has this awesome feature. It's to bad the cable doesn't recharge the batteries, otherwise it would make the BT510 a perfect mobile mouse.

The pouch that comes in this package is great. It was very smart of BlueTake to include it. It's big enough to fit the mouse, USB cable and the BT009Si Bluetooth adapter, yet small enough to fit into your bag and not cause any discomfort. The pouch also works as a cleaning cloth, made out of special material that cleans the mouse, leaving it spotless.

About the BT009Si USB Bluetooth Adapter
Being a little bigger than a quarter coin, this thing is awesome. There's not much to say about this USB adapter besides the fact that it was very easy to install and has great frequency. The bluetooth adapter can be used for many different devices such as cell phones, printers, scanners, headphones, headsets, PDA's and of course mice. The combination of the BT510 mouse and the BT009Si adapter couldn't be any more perfect. Also having a Bluetooth Class 2 at 10 meters (30 feet) in open space, and a carrier frequencies of 2.4Ghz. Dimensions are 47x19x10mm, weighing in at 10 grams.

Installing the BT510 mouse to the BT009Si adapter is as easier than you think. After installing BlueSoleil program that comes on the CD provided with the package, simply push the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse and the software automatically locates the device and connects it. The BlueSoleil is awesome, considering the fact that I'm a cell phone junkie and I take lots of pics with it. Transferring the pictures from my phone to my computer couldn't be any easier !

While a device is connected to the BT009Si adapter, it starts to blink in a blue color, showing a sign of life. Very cool feature. I'm a fan of blue lights, so found this to be very cool

Having this to be my first wireless mouse to review, there isn't much bad to say about the BT009Si and BT510. The mouse has a very nice sleek design to it, very comfortable for a certain period of time, but after a while, I find some discomfort since my hands are quite large. There was a little bit of lag after picking up the mouse from a standstill, I certainly had some problems with that while playing Counter Strike and Battlefield 2. I'm also hoping to see the Back and Forward buttons in the upcoming BlueTake mice. Overall, I'm pleased with this product, with a tiny bit of improvement, this mouse would be on top of everyone. The BT009Si and BT510 definitely make a great couple ;)


  • Nice sleek body style
  • On and off switch
  • USB cable incase your batteries run out of juice
  • The small size of the BT009Si
  • Carrying pouch preventing your mouse from scratches


  • Causes discomfort if you're have big hands

This is definitely a must have product if you're always on the go. Looking forward to BlueTake's upcoming products.

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