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Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

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About the G15

Upon closer inspection, the keyboard its self is approximately 2 inches longer than my Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard, which in its self is pretty large. One can't help but notice the clean design, yet almost mechanical look of the G15. After unwinding the USB cable, and plugging it in to a near by laptop, I was surprised to notice, that the blue glow, is very noticeable in daylight. Turning off the overhead lights, I was even more pleased to notice that the blue lights, along with the LCD backlight, didn't illuminate anything around the keyboard. But, for those of us who don't want a blue glowing keyboard, and white backlit LCD on our desks, there is a button on the keyboard to simply turn it off. This button also acts as a dimmer, Push it once, and the keyboards lights turn off. Press it a second time, and the lights turn on, but subdued. Third time, the lights come on at full power.

The G15 isn't just a pretty face; it has some rather nice features. The G-Keys are 18 Macro keys programmable for game use, or use in windows. These can be programmed either using the software included, or by pressing the MR key. Simply press the MR key, then the G-Key you wish to use. After which you key in the desired series of keys that you would like that G-Key to perform. Once completed, hitting the MR key closes the quick macro function storing your sequence. Along with the G-Keys, there are 3 M-Keys, used as toggle-able shift keys for the G-Keys, effectively giving you 3 sets of 18 Macro keys, or 54 Macro keys in total!

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