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Matrix Orbital MX412 LCD Module

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Company: Matrix Orbital
Product: MX412
MSRP: $119.99 USD
Reviewed By: Igor P. X-Vert

" Since 1995, Matrix Orbital has engineered, manufactured and delivered innovative LCD solutions to the advanced technology, defense, and aerospace industries, and to a growing list of companies requiring industrial instrumentation featuring the ultimate digital information display. Matrix Orbital LCD units are the first choice of leading engineers who want a powerful design with easy and cost effective implementation."

Matrix Orbital supplied us with the Matrix Orbital MX412 LCD module that I will be reviewing today. With the new MX4 series Matrix Orbital has enlarged the size of the display and added more keypad functionality. This double drive bay PC insert incorporates a 20 character x 4 line USB display and a 15 button keypad. The MX4 also allows you to plug 4 fans in directly to the back of the unit for all you quiet and cooling PC needs. The MX4 series also come in various colors to match the cases, Beige, Black, Brushed Aluminum, and Black Brushed Aluminum.

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