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Matrix Orbital MX412 LCD Module

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LCDC Software:

As mentioned before, Matrix Orbital includes a licensed copy of LCDC. The software that makes the whole module do the wonderful things it does. You will have to register your Matrix Orbital in order to get your registration code for LCDC. In case you lose the registration code, you will always be able to retrieve your code via email.

Here is the main control panel of LCDC, through the control panel you will be able to access the virtual screen, screen building, and configurations for the LCD module.

The virtual display allows you to see what exactly is happening on the real LCD display.

The screen builder will allow you to configure the information that is displayed on the MX412. Using the screen builder, you can add and remove plug ins, of you can put timers are when you want a certain plugin to be displayed. One of my favorite plugin was definitely the Winamp plugin.

There are a lot of configuration options that can be done using LCDC. You can control all your fans and set them at a certain RPM you want, you can also assign the LED indicator to what ever plugin you want. With this configuration, it will allow you to write any plugin, and edit them. Like I said before... the possibilities are endless You can visit or for new plugins and tutorials.

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