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RockeTeer V - SP-500W Spire Power Supply

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Company: Spire Power
Product: RockeTeer V - SP-500W
MSRP: $99.99 @
Reviewed By: Mike H (Tag)
Supplier: Spire Power

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The power supply is usually the one component in a computer that's overlooked. Many people think that the cheapest power supply that they can buy is good enough for their computer. As a result, these people experience fatigue in their system – blue screens, poor stability, poor performance... the list goes on. Today we'll be looking at a 500w Modular SLI Certified RockeTeer V Power Supply from Spire Power.

“For the last thirteen years, Spire has been both recognized and respected as the #1 manufacturer of computer thermal solutions in Europe . The quality and reliability of our products has earned us the loyalty of many well known manufacturers and distributors throughout the world and we have maintained close business ties with international names in the computer industry. In July of 2001, Spire opened its first office in Pennsylvania to bring Spire's success in Europe over to the American market.”

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