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Installing Plexiglass to Your Window

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Once you have cut your window and covered up any scratches in your panel, it's time to put the plexiglass in! We prefer NOT to use window kits, we'dINSE rather have you go to a GLASS company or Hardware company and buy a piece of custom 1/8" plexiglass cut. It's cheaper, usually better quality, but you will usually not be able to order colors-just clear. To install the window, you're going to need a piece of 1/8" plexiglass big enough to cover your cut and some SILICON sealer to act as an adhesive to "glue" the window to the panel. Lets get started...

Lay your panel down on a flat surface and begin to apply your silicon to the panel. Smear it all over but make sure not to get too close to the edge or it will bubble on the outside of the panel.

This is ideal for a good sturdy hold. Make sure your case is COVERED in silicon to prevent the plexiglass from falling off the panel in transportation.

Carefully place the one side of your plexiglass on the panel. Keep in mind that the more you move your panel around once it is places- the more it scratches.

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