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Switching the RED led to a BLUE led in a logitech optical mouse

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Once your soldering iron has heated up, take the BACK of the circuit board and unsolder the existing LED by quicky touching the solder and wiggling the LED until it pops out. If you hold the soldering iron there for too long, this could cause you to melt the circuit board and ruin the mouse.

Alright...if you've gotten to this part, your hardest part is done. This is what the led looks like when it's insoldered.

This picture is quite blurry but there's a TAB on the bottom side of the little led casing. I used a scredriver to pop it out in order to "unlock"/free the led from this casing.

A better picture after the tab has been broken off.

AH yes! Here we go- Pull the led from the back of the casing gently and then slide the new led snugly in to place.

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