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Switching the RED led to a BLUE led in a logitech optical mouse

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Since these blue leds are not nearly as strong, light-wise, as the RED leds, you will need to put TWO to make up for the difference and this will make more of an effect on the translucent sides of the mouse as well. Just Take your second led and PICKYBACK it on the first led. Solder it's wires to the first leds wires since it will not fit into the holes too. You will need to also put the thin metal wiring back across the top to hold that casing down.

Your done!!! That wasn't too bad now was it? Just go ahead and slide all of the pieces into the mouse as seen here and screw the mouse back should work just as well as the red led now. This is a simple-cheap way to modify something on your computer. It's affective and noticable as well! These also make GREAT gifts so if you've got a friend who is a computer FREAK then you might think of doing something like this for them!

Once again a blurry picture, but this is what mine looks like! Yours might even look better!

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