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Overclocking Your Nvidia Video Card

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Warning: Overclocking CAN cause serious damage to your computer and hardware, overclocking WILL void your computer?s warranty. is in NO WAY responsible for damaged hardware as a result of the following guides. Please use this guide at YOUR OWN RISK

Are you craving some extra frame rates from your Nvidia Based Video Card and simple tweaking isn?t enough for you? Well Overclocking might just give you that extra speed you?re looking for! Detailed pictures will aid you in Overclocking your Nvidia Based Video Card. Make sure you download this file to overclock your card: Coolbits.reg (Read the README FILE in the Zip!!! Winxp users, use the Win2k version of Coolbits)

When you open the file it will ask you to press YES or NO, press YES.

Now if you notice you will have a new TAB in your Nvidia Advanced Properties called Clock Frequencies Click on it! (This page has Anti-Aliasing on 2x because after overclocking, framerates will be high enough not to be effected. For GF2 cards and lower, leave this "OFF")

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