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Modding ICEHOLE Leds

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to MOD

AVGS Technology Icehole

When I first plugged this in to my computer, I realized that it was kind of a waste of power to use the green and red LEDS if my scheme was strictly BLUE. I began to investigate this problem and I have come up with a solution that I think we would all love to use. Instead of only using 1 led to match your scheme...use THREE to match it. That?s right- in this mod we?re going to show you how to switch two of the LEDs in the IceHole to make it so you have three times as much light of the same color. This one will show you how to make all three LEDs RED, but it is definitely possible with either of the three colors.

-Small Phillips (+) Screwdriver
-Soldering Iron
-Solder (we prefer silver because of it?s conductivity)
-TWO 3.7volt, 5mm, LEDs. (Radio Shack part number: 276-316)

After you have gathered all your materials, plug in you soldering iron so you give it a chance to warm up and then set it aside.

As you will notice in the picture below, there is screw on each side of the ?pcb? which requires you to unscrew with your Phillips head screwdriver before performing this mod.

Once the two screws are unscrewed, carefully pull the little ?pcb? from the slot in the IceHole.

Now you need to choose which color you want all three leds to be. In this one, we chose red. Simply turn the ?pcb? upside down, and DESOLDER the two leds which you do NOT want (we unsoldered the Blue and Green since our scheme was red in this mod).

***WARNING: Be careful de-soldering and soldering on these pcb?s. The conductive material inside the holes will pull out if it gets too hot, so be quick, but careful!

We left the one RED led, and as you can see, the two other led?s have been de-soldered and little holes have been left. If the holes aren?t there, don?t worry!

Now is the time where you need to insert the NEW leds in the empty holes. Simply MATCH the internal filaments of the existing LED to the two new ones. If they are not the same like the picture below, the LED will not work and you will have to de-solder and re-solder it.

Once you have inserted and bent both leds into place, just solder the new leds in place with small tacks of the solder. Once you are done soldering the new leds into place, slide the PCB back into the IceHole and screw it in.

So basically we just turned THIS

Into this!

This is a great mod for the newer modder just looking for something quick and easy. Not only does it allow them to pratice their soldering skills, but it lets them explore and expand their knowledge on modding overall!

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