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Fixing NOISY/Sticky Heatsink Fans

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Fixing NOISY/Sticky Heatsink Fans

When I started noticing that the heatsink fan on my 500mhz Server was making noise, I needed to do something about it! It was making a noise as if the bearings were dying, but they just needed a little more lube. When your heatsink fan starts making loud noises, or seems a little bit stiff when you spin it (while it?s off), it?s probably a pretty good idea that you follow this short how-to to quiet it down a little and extend it?s life?


-Phillips Head Scredriver (+)
-White Lightning or Other Lube

This mod requires removal of the fan from the actual heatsink because you need to reach the BACK side of the fan. In order to do this, you need to carefully slide the screwdriver between the fan blades and unscrew the multiple screws.

Once the screws have been removed, you should be able to just lift the fan out of/off of the heatsink.

On the backside of the fan, there SHOULD be a rounded sticker somewhat like the one pictured above. Remove this sticker, and try not to touch the adhesive, because you will need to use this sticker again when you are finished.

You should now see a short ?pin? sticking up inside the remaining hole. This is what needs to be lubed. Just grab your White Lightning or whatever other lube you have and spray about 2 drops inside the hole (More does NOT mean better in this mod). Spin the fan a couple of times to make sure the lube is seeping in and then spray about 1 or 2 more drops in to replenish the excess.

Now throw the sticker back on the back of that fan to cover the hole (to keep from spilling the lube all over) and screw the fan back into the heatsink. It may take a couple of tries to get the screws back in but make sure not to hurt the fan blades!

This mod is VERY simple, but VERY effective! I have used this multiple times. Many people tend to see a stiff/noisy fan and just throw it out, but you can save money with this mod! Use this, but don?t OVER-lube the fans. Have fun, and happy modding!

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