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Senfu Tech Station

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For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Senfu Tech Station

I first saw the Senfu Tech Station at Hightechmods and thought it was quite a clever idea. When I first saw pictures on websites and at especially, I thought this was such a simple idea, why didn?t I think of it?! From afar, the tech station looks like nothing special, but after putting this product together and using it, I found it to be VERY useful! Since I build computers and Troubleshoot them, I thought this was PERFECT because it allows easy access to all aspects of the computer without the actual case and we all know how much easier it is to work on a computer when it?s OUT of the case. Upon package arrival at my office, I was expecting a huge box all fully assembled and everything, but to my surprise, this was a TINY box! Once I noticed the box, I thought there might be another box with the rest of it, but when I opened it up, it was all there. Very little construction was needed to put the tech station together, and it took me about 45 minutes total (including time to take pictures etc.) The required tools are a monkey wrench and that?s about it. I found it useful to tap the corners of the tech station together once I was done assembling to make sure all pieces were together tightly.

All the contents are included in the kit as seen above

After the assembly was finished, I was definitely impressed by the size of this unit. It?s so small! I let it sit on my desk beside my monitor and it took very minimal space. I threw my AMD k6-2 500mhz server on the tech station immediately, and no size issues were introduced to me. Everything fit very well, nice and neat. A couple of problems you might face with this unit include cord messes. It?s not real easy to hide cords in a totally opened shelving system. The Senfu tech station was also rock solid. I was not able to shift it at all. This might be explained by it?s steel construction. The tech station is not only easy to setup and use, but its sleek Chrome design makes it even more to look at. The shelves are made from thin see-through Plexiglas, and the shelf which holds your motherboard (whether it is on top or bottom), is covered by a thick foam pad to keep the leads on the back of the motherboard from touching the metal bars holding the shelves together.

As you may have noticed, there are not any power switches, reset switches, hdd leds and power leds. Senfu has already gone as far as creating 1 inch tall miniature switches/leds which plug directly into the motherboard and allow for the necessary functions of startup and restart.

The Senfu tech station is definitely recommended, two thumbs up. It is obvious that someone took long hours planning the structure in order to get best results for computer builders and repairers. If you feel so implied, Senfu gives you the option to stack more than one tech station and end up with 4 shelves! During our week long testing period, we found this product to be very worthy of a 10/10 stars. We spent every day trying to find something to nag at, but couldn?t find anything. All problems were solved with the foam padding, switches, etc. If you are interested in this product then pick on up at for only $39.95.

The Installation Sequence

Finished Pictures In Use

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