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Cleaning Those Cables

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Cleaning Those Cables
By Lee ?Vectrex? Huffman


So you just cut out that brand new window, put that new scratchless Plexi-Glass behind it, and you turned on your brand new Cold Cathode. Sure looks sweet eh? But something is wrong. Your cables look like, well, crap. That?s where this article comes in to play. I am here to help you clean up that jungle, make your case modification look oh so much better, and increase airflow through your case (which in theory decreases the temperatures in your case).

The Materials

This project is simple, but requires you to pick up a few things before we get to work. The first thing is some Split Loom Tubing. This is often referred to as Wire Loom, and a couple other names, but you?ll be able to find it, I believe in you. To find this for the cheapest price, it is best to pick it up from a car shop (Napa Auto Parts etc). Here, you can find a variety of different colors, and at much better prices then you will at any online modification retailer etc. I received 20 feet of both the ?? and ?? diameter split loom in blue. I bought this from StreetBeatCustoms.Com, but I do not recommend you buy it from here, because of the amount of time you have to wait for it to ship (Mine took over 20 days just to get it shipped, and that was after numerous emails).

Next, after the Split Loom, would be Zip Ties. You can pick these up from Radio Shack for around two dollars a package. I used 4 packages of two different sizes in this article.

The final thing we want to pick up, is some nice rounded IDE and floppy cables. You can find these at Case-Mod.Com, where you can even buy some nice spiffy ?Glow-in the-Dark? cables, for all of you Ultra Violet Cold Cathode lovers out there.

Now that you guys are set to go, let?s get our hands dirty shall we?

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