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Setting Up Your BG Micro VFD

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Setting Up Your BG Micro VFD
Author: Lee ?Vectrex? Huffman


Different types of displays have been getting more and more popular in the case modding community. You see people using a variety of LCD?s and VFD?s in their projects, and with big name companies like Matrox Orbital and CrystalFontz, your bound to see more and more of these displays being used.

But what about us modders who don?t have the big bank, and can?t afford those fancy displays? Well that?s what I?m here to help you guys out with today. We will be covering how to wire up your B.G. Mircro 2x20 Vacuum Fluorescent Display.

The Display

The display weighs in at about 8 in. long, and has 2 x 20 characters. This thing is a mammoth to say the least. Due to its size, this will definitely not fit in a 5 ? bay like you?ve seen traditionally.

This display will only run you 25 bucks, and that?s including shipping. Compared to other, smaller LCD?s, ranging from about 40 dollars and up, this one is quite the deal.

The Interface

There are two different ways that this VFD is capable of being wired up, serial, or parallel. Both of these connect via a set of pins in the back of the display.

Generally, the serial interface is much easier to wire, requiring you to only hook up one wire. jectparallel interface is a much harder one to wire, because you have to run multiple wires off of the VFD to your connection.

The downside to the serials easy wiring is support. There is less support and usually you cannot do some of the ?fancier? stuff that parallel is capable of. With parallel, there is a lot of programs to choose from, and plenty of authors out there creating programs all of the time.

For this guide, we will be using the serial interface, mainly because I am not what you would refer to as a ?Soldering Master?.

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