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Painting Your Switch

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Painting Your Switch

Article: Painting Your Switch
Author: Lee ?Vectrex? Huffman


You?re used to seeing people show up at LAN parties with their modified cases, and you?ve seen the kind of attention that attracts, but what about modified switches, hubs, or routers? What better to attend a LAN party along with you and your case then a switch, hub, or router that matches your case! I?m here to show you how!


For this project, you will need the following:

1. Switch/Hub/Router (I?ll be using my 16 port switch)
2. Primer (We?re using Krylon)
3. Paint (We?re using Blue Krylon)
4. Clear Enamel Spray (We?re using Krylon)
5. Turtle Wax
6. Various Grit Sandpaper (We?re using between 1000 and 1500)
7. Philips Screw Driver
8. Masking Tape
9. Exacto Knife

These are all the materials you?ll need to complete this project. I highly recommend using the same brand paint throughout the project. Now that we?ve got this covered, lets get crackin?!

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