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Painting Your Switch

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On our switch, there are a total of 5 screws located on the bottom of the switch. One was hidden under a sticker, but I used my sharp eye to find it. Just take a Philips screw driver to those guys, and you should be able to pull the two pieces of plastic apart.

Now take the PCB of the equipment out of the plastic covering and place it on a piece of cardboard or, if it?s available, an anti-static bag. This should keep you from ruining your switch while we?re working on making it pretty.

Masking Tape

Now it?s going to be time to whip out your masking tape and exacto knife. You will want to cover the critical parts of your equipment. In this case, the critical part we were trying to keep paint-less would be the read out on the front of the switch that displays activity etc.

Start by laying 3 to 4 strips of masking tape (depending on the size of area) across the area, making sure that the tape is pressed on firmly, we don?t want any paint leaking in there. When the tape is applied, the next thing is to cut the tape to shape around that special little area. Use you exacto knife to cut around the edge, allowing you to peel the extra tape off. This should leave you with one pretty tape job.

***NOTE*** You may also want to mask off other areas at this time, like the back where you?ve got your ?uplink? and what not printed. I made sure to cover up the ?uplink? text, so that I knew where to plug that cable in, you know, the one that makes the ?magic? happen. ;)

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