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Painting Your Switch

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Once everything is masked off with tape, your ready to apply your first coat of primer. Remember, you want to apply the paint in thin coats, not thick ones. Thick coats can cause running in the paint, which requires you to sand and start over.

Hold the can about 8 ? 12in. away from the piece your painting. Holding the can too close can also cause runs in your paint, and ruin that beautiful job.

Apply the paint side to side, and then up and down. This will guarantee that the piece is completely covered with paint, that way you won?t miss any spots. After your first coat of primer is done, you should have something that looks similar to the picture below.

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding consists of running water over the piece you?re sanding, and well, sanding. For a small piece like a switch, you can just use the bathroom sink or tub. When wet sanding larger pieces like case pieces, you?ll usually go outside and run a hose over it, but In this case, your bathroom will do just fine.

Crank on the sink, and go at it. Remember, we?re using very high grit sand paper here. Don?t use that low 80 grit or anywhere near it. That will destroy your paint, and the piece that you are painting. I was using 1500 grit sandpaper, which should work out to make you a nice mirror finish in the end.

Don?t put a lot of pressure on the sand paper, you just want to put your hand on top of the paper, and glide it across the surface.

After the sanding is complete, lay your pieces out on a towel. Dry off the piece as much as you can with the towel. You won?t be able to reach all of the nooks and crannies, so for this I recommend a blow dryer. You can wait around for it to dry, but that?s just no fun. Turn on the blow dryer, and make sure it?s at low heat, so your paint doesn?t get ruined. Continue to use this until everything is completely dried.

You may need to do this process, a couple of times, depending on how thick/thin your coats of paint are.


This is no different from the process of priming and wet sanding before. You do the exact same thing, except this time you?ll be using paint and not primer.

After painting, of course move onto the wet sanding. Same exact process, just go for it!

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