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Product Name: Cold Cathode Kit
Reviewer: Vectrex

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review


Looking for that high quality lighting source to spice up that new window? Well may have an answer. Today we'll be looking at a green Cold Cathode kit from To start off, let's take a look at the bulbs specifications.

Dimensions: 300mm x 4mm Tube Voltage: 180 ~ 1000v Average Brightness: 15,000cd/m squared Average Life: 15,000hrs

Now this may give you a general idea of what the kit has to offer, but let's take a closer look into what you will be getting with your purchase of this Cold Cathode.

The Cold Cathode Bulb

After inspecting the bulb for a good 5 minutes, I'm convinced that this is very high quality stuff. The bulb is very thin and low profile, great for those modders that dont like the look of the bulb in your window as well as the light coming from it.On each end of the tube, there is a rubber peice closing it off. This is a great feature. On my current blue cathode, it does not include these caps on the end, which allows the bulb to slip around inside the acrylic casing, even as much as the bulb coming all the way off. This can be very harmful to the bulb, and can even break it in some case. That's why this system is such a great thing.

Another thing I loved about the bulb was the wire layout. On some of the older and still even new kits, the wires coming from the bulb come from both ends. This can be dangerous because it's very easy to pull on the wires and break the bulb, as well as just creating more wire mess. With this, it's all out of one end, and still includes the rubber cap.

The pictures above show the cathode turned on, while mounted at the bottom of my case. This particular cathode is considerably brighter then the previous two I had owned and used. I was very impressed by the amount of light this bulb puts out.

The Inverter

There's not too much to say about the inverter, except that yes it is covered in heatshrink. This is usually a must for any kit these days, but then again we have reviewed a kit that did not have an inverter covered in heatshrink. This will keep you from shocking yourself to death.

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