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Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With The HEATSINK COMPOUND to test these products!

Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

Well it?s been quite awhile since the last heatsink roundup here at twistedmods, but I?m happy to report we have some brand new products sitting in our labs just waiting to be tested! So sit back and grab some popcorn for the TMCM Heatsink Roundup!

Testing Conditions are Ideal, the room is kept at a constant 69F with Air Conditioning for consistent testing the case remains closed on our tester. The box we used to test these heat sinks was Zebby-II

Since heatsink swapping can be kind of risky we dusted off our old faithful T-Bird 1.4gig 266fsb CPU and popped it in our tester. Also I like to use this chip since it puts out more heat than the XP and Pentium?s so the heatsink will get a good load of heat.

Testing Rig:
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.40ghz 266fsb CPU
Gigabyte 7DX+ Motherboard
768mb PC2100 DDR RAM (Micron and Kingston)
Visiontek Geforce3 ti200 64meg AGP Video
Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 PCI Scsi Controller
Quantum Atlas V 9.1GB 7200rpm U160-LVD SCSI Hard Drive
Lian Li PC70 Full Tower Case (Vantec 80mm Tornados)
Enermax EG-651 ATX Power Supply w/dual fans
Windows 2000 Professional SP-2

**NanoTherm Blue II Heatsink Compound Used in Testing**

Products We Will be Testing:
Dynatron Micro-fin HSF

Fortis Cooler HSF

Swiftech MCX462-U HSF (Not Pictured)

Dr. Thermal TI-V77 HSF

Titan Flower Cooler HSF

Thermo Engine V60-4210 HSF

For our testing we will be using Motherboard Monitor readings from the onboard thermal sensors on the 7DX+, in case your thinking ?that isn?t accurate? Well actually on the Gigabyte boards the Thermal Sensor on the CPU actually touches the back of the core when the processor is seated unlike most other motherboards. That?s why we trust the readings from the 7DX+. Even then a comparison with our Digital Doc5 proved the onboard sensors were almost dead on in all tests!

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