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Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Dynatron Micro-Fin Heatsink/Fan

Dynatron has proved itself over and over again with there award winning coolers, here at twistedmods we learned to love Dynatrons coolers since our last roundups were dominated by Dynatrons. This time is no exception as expected the Dynatron quality right out of the box is just awesome. The Finish on the bottom on the heatsink is near perfect with its smooth flawless copper finish for perfect contact between the CPU and the cooler. The fan is a high cfm fan, but with this fan comes a price, yes noise is a bit high on this HSF Unit but actually seems to have gotten a little bit better since the last dynatron we reviewed. This one isn?t as annoying as the older ones and can easily be lived with. Installation is a breeze, the only complaint I have is the weight of this heatsink. Since the risk of cracking AMD CPU Cores is very high concern comes when the computer is moved with the heatsink attached due to the weight of the unit. Some manufactures advise removal before transport but I don?t really like removing my HSF every time I go to a LAN. To help solve this problem I would highly recommend a quality CPU SHIM to help stabilize the heatsink when it?s on the CPU. Here are the test results we got in our labs:



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