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Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

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Thanks to
For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Fortis Cooler Heatsink/FAN

This product came to us in a very nice retail style packaging claiming good cooling, high rpm fan, and AMD Certification. First impressions on this product were pretty good; the unit is very attractive and well built. Quality is top notch, the finish is rather interesting on this unit, and it?s not a glossy smooth finish rather a semi-soft tape finish. I was curious to see what this did for the cooling effect. It almost looks as if there is a clear film that still needs to be removed from the bottom. The clip on this unit is rather nice, there is a nice big area for a flat blade screw driver or you can simply use your finger to push the clip onto the socket and secure it. Weight is moderate on this unit and an I would recommend a CPU SHIM. One thing this unit lacks is a Fan Protective Grill of some sort so wires in the case or fingers don?t get cut up on accident, and with the high rotation speed of 7000rpm it?s a must. Here are the results of our testing:



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