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Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Thermo Engine V60-4210 Heatsink/FAN

From Thermo Sonic comes the new Thermo Engine V60-4210 Heatsink. This heatsink sports good looks with innovative design. The heatsink has a unique design to it to maximize cooling. On Close inspection we found a few problems with this heatsink. The first problem we found was the screws that hold the fan onto the heatsink simply stripped right after we retightened them upon disassembly! This was a major disappointment because now the heatsink fan was loose and sloppy. Perhaps some better screws can fix this problem. The clip on the Thermo Engine is very easy to use and quick to install without tools, a simple thumb can be used to pop the clip on and off! This is a definite plus in our books. A CPU Shim is not needed for this light weight heatsink/fan unit. The noise levels from this device were noted as minimal and very acceptable. A Fan Grill would be much nicer as one was not included in our tester. Here are the results we got from our testing:



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