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Heatsink Roundup 8-5-02

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Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Dr. Thermal TI-V77 Heatsink/FAN

From Dr. Thermal comes the TI-V77 Heatsink/FAN. First impressions were good on this unit; it had stylish looks with a short heatsink design. However its cooling ability was doubted from day 1 due to the weak fan and short heatsink design. Quality was pretty good on this unit; the finish is rather nice on the contact area between the CPU and the cooler. The one thing that makes this cooler unique from the others is the clip. This clip works with a tension level; you simply release the lever, hook the cooler onto the motherboard then pull the level tight and lock it into place! That?s all you gotta do to install and remove the CPU in record time with very low risk of cracking your CPU. I would have liked to see a FAN Grill on this unit as well. A CPU Shim on this device is not needed since it is so light in weight. Noise levels were minimal and very silent for such a wide diameter fan. Here are the test results we got in our labs with the Dr. Thermal TI-V77:



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