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Nexland PRO800turbo 8port Router

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Manufacturer: Nexland
Product Name: PRO800turbo 8port Router
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Picking a good router is always ESSENTIAL to providing your home, business or hobby (LAN parties) with a stable network. Matt from Nexland, was kind enough to let us use one of their bigger routers known as the PRO800turbo. Just by looking at this beefy piece of networking equipment, you can tell that it is no ordinary router. At a closer look you will notice there are 2 WAN ports. What would you do with 2 WAN ports? Well, If you have two internet connections (cable and dsl, two dsl lines, etc.) the Pro800turbo will ?bridge? the two connections giving each of the 8 ports COMBINED speeds. So if your DSL connection gives you 200kbps and your other DSL connection also gives you 200kbps, the speeds provided to the 8ports is now 400kbps. This is PERFECT for any sort of downloading-I know I hate waiting! Let?s move on to the construction. The construction of this router is well thought out. Made of very sturdy steel outer casing, this router could stand even the most harsh transporting conditions.

Once plugged in, I simply typed ? into my internet browser which quickly brought up the router?s firmware options. At first I was blown off my feet to see so many options on such a small piece of equipment! Looking at the options, I noticed that almost EVERY page had options for both WAN port 1 and WAN port 2. I had the options of setting a DMZ host IP, looking at the routing tables, setting IPs, turning off DHCP server settings- the usual settings found in almost any router. The first thing I saw wrong with this router was that I was not even asked for a ?default? password the first time I looked at the router options. If you have ever noticed a Netgear or Linksys router, they often come with a default login and password which can later be changed, but if someone wanted to plug this router in on a LAN and forgot to set any of the options, someone who knew gateway IP addresses and was hooked up on the LAN would automatically have access to all administration options. I realize that having one default passwords for all routers of one company would not be very good security, but Nexland- being of a smaller background would be more secure if they were to choose a default password and have the option to change it later.

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