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Complete UV Setup

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Manufacturer: Various
Product Name: UV Setup
Reviewer: SpLiZaaT

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

As case mods become more advanced, the usual Blue, Red and Green die out. People are usually looking for something with a little more ?umph? in it. Lately, a LOT of people with water-cooling have been resorting to UV responsive items to match their UV responsive water. What about the rest of us? Don?t worry ? people without water cooling are not singled out anymore! sent us this kit of 4 items to take a look at in able to give you a better idea of what?s out there. In the shipping box, I received a UV Blue PSU Mod, UV Blue 80mm Fan and two UV Blue Braided Data Cables.

Since we were not supplied with a UV Cold Cathode kit with this review, we decided to pull one out of the private stash thanks to In most cases, I would highly recommend at least two cold cathodes in a case to get full response from any UV responsive items. Please forgive the blurry pictures on the review as well, digital camera?s without a tripod in the dark don?t exactly function well. Below you see a picture of the entire setup using one UV Cold cathode ? please continue to see specific information about each product individually.

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