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Complete UV Setup

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Manufacturer: CuttingEdgeCaseMods
Product Name: Blue UV PSU Mod

Put Your Mouse Over To See The Product Respond to UV

CuttingEdgeCaseMods is a newcomer in town and their name says it all! Already, in a short period, CuttingEdgeCaseMods has designed and developed their very own PSU Mod. Basically, it?s a sheet of acrylic, bent to fit nearly ANY power supply so you can get rid of the boring metal casing! I am not exactly sure, but My guess is that CttingEdgeCaseMods first bent the acrylic using heat, and then proceeded to paint the acrylic with a product like ClearNeon which dries clear but responds to UV Light. Either Way, it was designed to fit almost any PSU and after removing my old metal cover, I simply took the two strips of foam tape (included) and secured the power supply cover.

After installing, there was a number of things I noticed, but the one thing that stuck out most is that the sides that drape down are not long enough! I have about a ?? gap on each side of my Enermax Power Supply that is uncovered. This does not only create a hazard, but doesn?t look ?finished? to me. It?d be very simple to fix this problem, but even since we received the first clear PSU cover a couple months back ? they have not recognized the issue and attempted to fix it.

Once it was time to uninstall the product, I remembered that the foam tape, included for installation, would NOT budge! I eventually had to take a screwdriver and pry the PSU Cover off which left that gross sticky-foam residue like in CoolerMaster?s Pro-Studio Kit. This did NOT make me happy; I finally got a razorblade out and got most of it off so I could reinstall my metal casing.

As far as the UV response goes ? this product performed quite well! With one 12? UV Cold cathode, I was able to get the results which I expected?a very bold blue which looked great! This particular mod is not only simple to install, but is probably one of the fastest mods you will perform. Please take extreme caution however, when dealing with a power supply! Touching the wrong place could result in bad injury or even death ? this should not be taken lightly. Although this mod does seem great, don?t expect to remove it and have your power supply be the same as it was before the mod! Pricing starts at $9.99 for this product on CuttingEdgeCaseMods which I found to be very inexpensive. I wouldn?t be surprised if they are losing money on these!

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