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Complete UV Setup

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Manufacturer: CyberCooler
Product Name: Blue UV 80mm Case Fan

Put Your Mouse Over To See The Product Respond to UV

This particular fan is produced by CyberCooler, one of the less popular fan manufacturers. The box which the fan came in was fairly ?cheesy,? but as my mother always says ?don?t judge a book by it?s cover,? so I didn?t! After pulling contents from the fan box, I noticed 4 mounting screws, the fan itself and a 3-pin to molex converter. The fan itself was clear, but with a dark bluish tint. It was something I hadn?t seen before, but I figured it had something to do with the UV aspect. Either way ? it didn?t look too bad and would go great in a blue case! Everything else on this fan was pretty standard and I especially liked the fact that this fan came STOCK with a 3-pin power connector unlike Vantec?s Thermaflow series.

When I finally got the chance to hook this fan up to some power, I was not pleased with airflow. According to CuttingEdgeCaseMods, this fan only pushes 28cfm and I was not surprised! This thing didn?t even compare to Panaflo or even Antec?s Tri-LED Fans. If you know anything about fans, you know that in general terms ? the less cfm a fan pushes, the quieter it will be. As you may or may not know, I am one of those people that absolutely LOVE a quiet fan and will even sacrifice cooling ability for less-noise. This is definitely one thing I was proud of, after placing the fan in my case, I did not hear even a hum! This definitely won my heart!

After placing the fan under UV, I had regained respect for this product. The blue shimmer was so bright on this fan with just one cold cathode; I can only imagine what it?d be like under two. The picture included on this page does not do justice! Another thing I noticed is that this product is for $8.49. CuttingEdgeCaseMods? site says that it includes an alarm. Since we did not receive the alarm, we are unable to tell you anything about it.

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