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Complete UV Setup

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Manufacturer: Vantec
Product Name: Blue UV Rounded Cables

Put Your Mouse Over To See The Product Respond to UV

After pulling these rounded cables from the packaging, I got a nice big whiff of that rank smell that all clear rounded cables have. Looking at quality, I would have to say that these are way thicker than CuttingEdgeCaseMods? solid colored rounded cables and they even included end ?boots.? Not only do rounded cables clean up a case?s appearance, but they also increase airflow. If you liked the fans on the previous page, you may want to consider a pair of these as well due to the already weak airflow. There?s not much to say about rounded cables, but the smell of these would be one reason I would not use these. Once I had installed these and the case got back up to its heated temperatures, it?s like the exhaust fans were blowing the smell right into my nose ? Disgusting! I wasn?t really expecting these rounded cables to respond much to a UV light, but surprisingly enough, they did quite well! Just like the other products, these ones did great under the light! Also, included on these cables are pull tabs to make uninstalling easier and to allow ?even? removal without bending any IDE pins on drives. An 18? IDE Cable goes for $8.99 while an 18? Floppy cable goes for about $7.49. If there?s one thing I liked about this set of cables, it was the fact that they were both silver braided and UV responsive ? the first pair like this I had seen without a greenish tint!

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