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Complete UV Setup

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If there?s one thing I would leave with after reading this review, it?s that users without water-cooling can use UV lighting too! All three of these products performed great under UV lighting, but each of the products also had a downside. In the PSU Mod?s case, it was that CuttingEdgeCaseMods should have predrilled 4 holes to allow it to screw to the power supply rather than use tape and leave a sticky-residue. The fan had weak airflow, but the low noise level made up for it! The UV-Cables had a sickening odor that failed to go away and they are pretty expensive! Whether you are a big fan of UV products or are planning out your next mod with UV products, I would recommend any of these three products without a doubt. Maybe you can find a way to get rid of that stench :).

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