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Winamp LED Visualization

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The Process!
You will first want to place your LED's along the board, taking full use of the built-in ground bus, or making your own.

You will want your components on the plain or white side. Your anode (longer lead, positive) will go into the individual rows, while your cathode (short lead, negative) will go into the ground bus. You will want your colors to range from a blue/green spectrum to a yellow to red, or another bright color to alert you to high levels.

LEDs in place. Time to solder in the resistors. MAKE SURE YOU SOLDER THE RIGHT RESISTORS TO THE RIGHT LEDS. Failure to do so will result in wasted time and money (dead LED's).

160ohms is a hard to find (if existent) resistor, so I soldered a 150 and 10 in series. Notice how the board design goes so well with the mod.

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