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MatrixOrbital BLK202A-WB-BK LCD

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When your events and screens have finally been configured, you get to sit back and relax, but remember that some options do require a connection to the internet and will appear to be malfunctioning if a connection to the internet is lost. Many of these internet-requiring functions include stock quotes, news feeds, weather forecasts and seti@home statistics. The last thing you must do is simply click the ?Start/Stop display? on the bottom of the LCDC main menu and send that program to the tool tray. I have taken several pictures of functions, which I was able to play with, below. Keep in mind- these are not all the functions, just SOME!

Here I was showing the CPU type and LIVE CPU usage bar graph, and percent in text (using motherboard monitor 5 plugin)

Memory usage bar graph and text percentage (using no additional plugins).

Simple text feature.

I was listening to my favorite song when I took this picture. The Matrix Orbital LCD is showing the song title and countdown using the Winamp 2.x plugin (Winamp 3.x plugin also available).

Who DOESN?T love live news feed? I even got this to show our TWISTEDMODS news, but since we title the news by a DATE, it wasn?t showing the actual story titles.

This is the function I have been using most often. I show the weather forecast of the PDX area including whether, high temperature, low temperature and precipitation percentage. VERY cool!

?and now the moment you have all been waiting for. For all of you ?best game of ?96? addicts (Counter-Strike) I present to you, the LIVE Counter-Strike server statistics plugin! I hope I don?t get shot for that comment :)

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