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MatrixOrbital BLK202A-WB-BK LCD

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Matrix Orbital brings customization easily to any case! From a thorough examination, I was not able to find any flaws, mistakes or problems with layout, construction or even the crispness of the display. When I asked Henry to send us the black insert unit with white lettering and blue background, he had no problem with it, and I was totally impressed with both the boldness of the blue background as well as the nice crisp white lettering. Also, don?t forget about all of you green and red freaks out there as well ? Matrix Orbital offers this product with a number of separate coloring schemes in text, background and even the color of the bay insert! The sleek black, low-profile buttons add so much more to this unit as a whole, enabling this LCD to provide far more functionality than any other on the market. I was surprised to see that the included bay insert actually did work with my drive rails as well! One last major feature this LCD includes is the ability to change speeds. While some microprocessors function at various speeds including 1200kbps, 9600kbps and 19200kbps, the option to change speeds of the LCD offers a wide range of support with many different processors and PCs in general.


LCDs are great for both showing off your system statistics and spamming your website at a LAN party. With the right software (LCDC) the options on this and ANY LCD are limitless! With a small amount of programming skill, you can be on your way to custom scripts and plugins in no time ? and the best part is, hop on Matrix Orbital?s online forums for programming help! Seeing as nearly all PCs have at least one COM port, the installation with this unit is a breeze, and it takes no time at all. The main configuration time comes with the configuration of drivers and software, which are conveniently included in the box. Although this unit is a bit expensive at $112.20 bones, I would have to argue that this LCD could quite possibly have the best ?bang for the buck.? It is an awful lot of money to spend on an LCD, but with the included 7 button keypad and bay insert, this LCD will pay for itself with the amount of comments you get from friends, fans and family. Another product to watch out for is Matrix Orbital?s upcoming USB line of LCDS which will perform at INCREDIBLE speeds and be connected through one USB port ? again, very convenient, as every modern PC has at least two USB ports!

You can see the LCD's serial cable hooked up to the provided PCI plate here. Very simple and easy...

After emailing Henry, anxious for more knowledge on the USB series (soon to be released) he assured me that the USB LCDs will include three HIGH voltage GPOs (~12v) as well as three LOW voltage GPOs (~5v). This will allow Cold cathodes and fans to be hooked up without any additional modding necessary. He also assured me that the USB LCD will include the backlight brightness function which will theoretically change the backlight color slightly, as well (from washed out to a very bold dark colorr).

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