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CrystalFontz CFA634-TMC-KS LCD

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Just plain old text! All centered and very straight forward. Spam your site or show your online screen name ? perfect for LAN parties!

Here?s an example of the Counter-Strike screen I configured. This was setup for our server. You see the [E18] tag which shows up if you are not connected to a server ? obviously it can?t show kills and deaths if you aren?t even playing! I found it really cool however that it shows the current map even if you aren?t connected to the server playing.

A quick shot of the Email configuration I came up with. Wait a second ? it?s a miracle, SOMEONE EMAILED ME!

Current Hard drive information! I opted to show space in gigabytes but you can choose kilobytes or megabytes if you wish. I also added a little phrase on the bottom line.

Hrm ? wait a second here?there?s 1mb of my memory floating around somewhere! Oh well :(

Why search for a clock? Show everything from the time and date to system uptime...

I also think this is a pretty cool option for LAN parties. I configured this screen to show how many bytes of traffic were entering and leaving my computer. Apparently I seem to have plenty of bandwidth :)

I saved my favorite option for last! This is a quick shot of the Winamp configuration. I was playing my favorite song at the time and opted to show the song length, a sweet countdown by milliseconds and the bit rate of the music. If this screen is showing and no music is being played, you will see the [E18] tag again so make sure to switch the screen!

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